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The storage shortage solutions you need

When you own or manage a company or business and there are suddenly a lot more customers than usual or any kind of growth, that is always something to be excited about. However, as good of news fast company growth is, it can bring forth issues you might not have been prepared for. A relevant example of that is storage shortage. 

When the growth in a company happens quickly, it most of the time comes with a product range growing more than some warehouses can handle. If moving to another warehouse was as easy as it sounds, it could be possible. Though alas, it’s not a possibility for everyone, so looking for a different solution would be a better idea. Here are three solutions that could work.

  1. Rebuild your warehouse

A long-term solution to this issue would be to rebuild your warehouse. If you decide to rebuild, the drastic measures you have to take to protect your stock when moving won’t be something you have to think about. You won’t need to carefully put all of your stock in a vehicle to move away. If the rebuilding is done carefully, the work happening in the warehouse won’t even need to be ceased. The rebuilding and the warehouse work can be done simultaneously. 

  1.  Optimize your storage

Having a large range of products is great, especially during a period of serious growth. However, this does not mean that all the products are wanted or needed, or that they will all be sold. Having the necessary space for your products is important because if the space is not optimized it can lead to problems such as having products that aren’t selling well taking a lot more space than those that do sell well. You need to find out what products are deserving of more space and which products don’t need as much space as you are giving them. Doing this will open up so much more needed space.

  1. Mezzanine floors

With big warehouses comes lots of space that goes unused, you might just be unable to see it yet. One of the more unique ways to combat storage shortage is by using mezzanine floors. These floors are installed in between the floors that are already there. Mezzanine floors are strong and flexible, they come in a construction kit so whenever you decide you need more space for storage you can install it. Visit noltemezzanine.com so you can find out more!