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Paint your shoes!

Do you want to add color to your old shoes! This is easily done. It’s actually so easy to do that even you will be able to do it! Only with the help of some simple tips you getting ready to paint before you even know it.

When you think some of your items are looking a bit dull then it is the right time for a repaint. Adding a new coat of paint to your favorite shoes is an effective and cheap way to add variety to your closet without spend that much money. Paint is available from five pounds and it doesn’t cost that much time to do it.

Almost everyone is able to acheive very neat results with angelus leather paint. This leather dye is avaliable everywhere so you can always get your hands on a bottle of shoe dye. On the web you can find al kind of people who are expert painters. So if you are running into any troubles then you can always ask them. They alway swill be able to help you. In your normal situation it is normal that most of the people around you never have seen customised shoes.

The advantage of having a go at painting your own shoes is that you can buy some rather uninteresting shoes and you convert them into more extraordinairy shoes by yourself. The people around you will ask where you got them from! You won’t need any eperience on the subject. All you need is an afternoon off and a torough clean of the leather.

The best leather paint around is Angelus leather paint. This brand makes very durable paint and they offer gretat brght colors and vibrand neon colors. There is something for evey project. Before you start painting you need to be sure to clear the leather of any coatings.