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Log or Timber House? What is the Difference?

Owning a timber or log house is not only homeownership, but it is more than that. It is the choice of your lifestyle. Most people buy or construct a wooden house because of its looks.

Log cabins might seem similar to timber houses as both use wood, but they are pretty different in many aspects. If you are thinking about which building is right for you, learn similarities and differences between both.

So, let us get started.

Key Differences

Here are some differences between log homes and timber houses:

·         Structural Differences

You stack logs horizontally to make a frame of a log house, whereas a timber house comprises vertical beams and posts. Timber home frames are incredibly more robust because connected beams and posts take away therequirement forload-bearing walls.

As a result, a timber frame can have enough height without additional walls. You can create high ceilings in a timber home that perfectly complements the modern lifestyle.

In comparison, a log house looks rustic because of its structure. You will also experience shrinkage as the water content of horizontal logs reduces with time resulting in a slight change of shape.

·         Construction Process

The quality of timber houses depends on the construction process. Timber houses are waterproof, watertight, and solid resulting in a frame that supports the building structurally. So, its construction takes good time.

In contrast, log house construction generally takes less time, and it has a simple structure. Logs are stacked to construct walls rather than having a frame that provides a foundation to the entire building like a timber house.

As a result, a log cabin looks less like a home. Therefore, they generally serve other purposes.

·         Planning Permissions

You don’t need any planning permissions to build a log house attached to the current home. However, you need one while constructing a timber home on a plot.

·         Aesthetic Differences

You can easily differentiate between a log cabin and a timber house based on its looks. The log house has a rustic look, whereas the timber frame appears like a traditional home.

The construction of a timber house is flexible in comparison to a log cabin.  You can design it in any way you like in a timber home, but it is hard to do in log cabins.

·         Internal Differences

Some differences that are clearly noticeable in both are:

Insulation: Logs are good insulating materials; however, you fit extra insulation in timber frames to make them thermally efficient.

Acoustics: Timber homes are well insulated, so it affects the acoustics. They are more soundproof than log cabins.


Here are some most significant similarities between timber and log homes:

v  Both are customized structures, designed individually and sold unassembled.

v  Both have timbers skillfully fitted together to build the structure.

v  Both offer several styles.

v  Their buying and building process is pretty similar.

v  Both involve rural or remote locations.


Log Cabins or Timber House – Which is Better?

It isn’t easy to decide which building is best. So, its decision depends on your personal preference. A log cabin is the best option if you want to construct a home gym, office, or summer house.

If you want a building to live in, opt for timber houses. Hopefully, the above tips can help you to make a wise decision.