FIFA 17 Dab Celebration

So if you have been living under a rock for the last year or two you must be wondering just what the flying hell is dabbing. Well my friend… I have no idea. But the developers of FIFA 17 seem to think they know and have decided to be extremely edgy by adding dabbing in FIFA 17. Would you ever use it? Nope… Is it cool… Nope… Will your friends think it’s cool… Again…nope, but you can damn well try it out and laugh your ass off whilst playing FIFA 17.

The Dab Celebration

Dabbing in FIFA 17 is quite an interesting addition since you don’t really have to do it with a special player like Pogba or someone to see it happen. And whilst I hate dapping with every fiber of my being I have to admit that EA has struck some gold when deciding to insert memes into their games such as FIFA 17. Just wait till you see dabbing in Battlefield 1.Once you’ve banged in a goal, on PS4 and PS3, hold down R1 and then tap the triangle button twice. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One users, hold RB and double tap the Y button.

Is it worth it?

Well… If you do not feel bad about yourself when you actually try to press buttons in order to have dabbing in your game then sure. FIFA 17 has a crap tone of celebrations and adding dabbing is not all that bad… There could have been a out for Harambe thing in FIFA 17… Yeah… I don’t want to see that.