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Countering anonymous callers

Everyone knows it: an unknown number calling you. Most people don’t like that and don’t answer. When you do decide to answer, you usually get someone on the phone that you don’t want. They are often telemarketers or people you don’t know. Because these people and companies call anonymous numbers, you cannot block them. Still, you can counter these calls. In this blog some useful tips to minimize anonymous callers.



You can’t block anonymous callers, unfortunately, but you can try to avoid getting calls from them. The most important tip is not to give away your number just anywhere. This is because nowadays people ask for your phone number in different ways and often you enter it without thinking. This is how your number gets circulated and also becomes known to anonymous callers. So the next time you need to enter your phone number, check first if it is really necessary. If it is not really necessary, do not enter your number. This way you limit the number of people and companies that have your phone number, which will reduce the number of anonymous callers.



Are you really tired of anonymous callers? Then nowadays there is a way to block them anyway. This hasn’t been around very long, so it’s not entirely recommended yet because there are still bugs in it. This is possible with Apple and Android. Just be aware that your phone will never ring again when an anonymous caller calls you. So if you have friends or family who call anonymously you will miss their calls as well. You will also no longer receive an anonymous sms. There are still companies that will send you an anonymous sms message, so keep in mind that these will also no longer come through and you will not be able to vote for certain things via text message if this is blocked.